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Firecrackers Marez Academy


Firecrackers Marez Academy

Firecrackers Marez

Mission Statement


A premier fast pitch travel organization based out of Corona, CA, our roster is comprised of top high school talent. 

Our organization is dedicated to providing an organized and structured environment that promotes confidence, and building principles.  The Firecrackers promote loyalty, respect, and opportunities to excel. 

We are committed to providing our players with the skills needed to ensure their growth as athletes on the field and as outstanding citizens off the field. 

Our young ladies are highly motivated to excel in softball through dedicated hard work while forming lasting friendships. 

Our goal every season is to keep players fine-tuned throughout the year,  we participate in the top showcase tournament and advance on towards national tournament participation at the end of the summer season. 

Our coaching staff is determined to teach the best fundamentals, increase their knowledge of the game and showcase their talents among the best completion in the nation

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Firecrackers Marez

14u, 16u, 18u tryouts 

All positions Open


Firecrackers Marez players

player pictures

  • Noemi Mardueno 18u 2022, SS, 3rd,
  • Venessa Pena 18u 2023, pitcher, if, CF
  • Lupe Lemus 18u 2023, Catcher/OF
  • Raquel Razo18u P/OF UT, 2023
  • Rebecca Razo 18u 3rd/SS/1st, 2022
  • Jyla Thomas 18u P/OF, 2022
  • Emma Crawford 18u 1st, OF, 2023
  • Jordan Couture 16u 2025, SS, 3rd,
  • Ariana Sonora 16u 2025, C, 1st, OF
  • Sophia Gomez 16u 2025, P, SS, 2nd, 3rd
  • Sophia Gutierrez 16u 2025, P, 1st
  • Jaci Hernandez 18u 2022, OF
  • Allyson Fuentes 18u 2022, Pitcher, 3rd, 1st,
  • Hannah Vargas 18u 2023, Catcher, infielder
  • Hannah Guilfoos 18u 2022, 3rd, 1st, shortstop,
  • Priscilla Alcala 18u 2023, 1st, 3rd, OF
  • Sarah Escobar 16u 2024, shortstop, 3rd, 2nd, OF
  • Makena Lopez 16u 2025, catcher, 3rd, shortstop
  • Breanna Cisneros 16u 2024, 2nd, SS, OF
  • Olivia Guerrero 14u 2026, 3rd, SS, OF
  • Madison Mejia14u 2026, 1st, OF
  • Vida Torres 14u 2025, SS, 3rd, 2nd, OF, Catcher, P
  • Julia Gomez 16u 2024, catcher, 1st, OF

List of college of Firecrackers/Marez alumni

Firecrackers/Marez Alumni college


Firecrackers Marez

  • So Cal USA softball
  • USA softball
  • Surf City
  • Triple Crown Sports
  • PGF
  • California Fastpitch League Alliance Fastpitch
  • Alliance Association
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